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what makes us unique ?

We practice selective homozygous breeding indoors in a completely controlled environment protected by UV-C & HEPA filtration.  Green Luster Phenos uses an unconventional methodology of inbreeding for many seasons followed up by a stabilization cross for seed production.  Here at Green Luster Phenos we practice axillary node culture, implementing meristem tissue culture if we come across any pathogens or viruses.  Green Luster Phenos has scaled their operation in a manner which gives us more control than any “Big Ag Seed Producer”.  We have a one of a kind stratification program that is specific to cannabis and regional zone. 

Tissue Culture​

100% Sterile Start 

Adult use cannabis genetics
feminized cannabis seeds

Elite Genetics

Seasons of Stabilization 

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About us

 Green Luster Phenos LLC is a superlative genetics company focusing on providing predictable and uniform exotic offspring to Adult Use Cannabis & Hemp Growers Globally!  We specialize in exceptionally high Cannabinoid Hemp & Adult use cannabis genetics.  We develop Type I, Type II and Type III Cannabis Genetics.  GLP is able to foster in one of a kind cultivars using some stable homozygous germ-plasm that has been established over the last 15 years!  Our germplasm vault houses many well known legacy cannabis strains dating back to 2012.  We collaborate with many other veteran breeding companies based out of Spain & Amsterdam allowing our genetics program the ability of introducing an entirely new genome to the states!  A genome that is one of a kind and scarce on the market.  

Strain Discoveries 

Wintry Fruit seed
Justin Esquivel
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We have been coaching veteran growers & new growers on how to perfect their craft over the last 14 years!  Green Luster Phenos has a list of affordable inputs from seed to harvest that work with certainty!  its a proven list that will keep your crop pest free & bacteria free from start to finish.  under our program the grower will not experience any nutrient deficiencies.  GLP has consulted with over 86 growers, 67 of which are licensed commercial cultivators.  Our hands have been in the development of over 42 state of the art cannabis production facilities.  Justin has been in the cannabis space since 2012 and the cbd hemp space since 2016.  Whether you are a commercial grower or a home grower we have tailored packages that will have you producing high quality organic cannabis in no time with predictability and certainty.   

Cannabis Tissue Culture



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Testing is the most important tool a breeder can utilize.  Here at GLP we use New Bloom Labs out in Chattanooga, TN.   They have the latest scientific techniques to deliver industry-leading chemical analysis for today’s Cannabis industry. They provide us with first-class customer service, accurate results, and rapid turnaround times. 

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