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Type I 

Type I genetics are THC dominant with a very low concentration of CBD.  These type of genetics are what is most prominent in the cannabis industry with THC profiles soaring in the 20% & 30% range.  These are also your THCA genetics for any Hemp farmers out there that are taking advantage of the 2018 Farm Bill.  once decarboxylated, these varieties will induce a very intoxicating effect and have low levels of other minor cannabinoids.  Try out our CherryLand, which is a type i line that tests as high as 31% THC. 

Type II 

Type II genetics will have mixed ratio profiles with CBD & THC.  These strains have well balanced cannabinoid profiles and in some cases unbalanced cannabinoid profiles.  Type II strains will have above 3% THC & 3% CBD.  These varieties provide the consumer with the best medicine, offering a wide range of benefits.  Try out our Diesel Dessert, which has tested at 15% CBD & 16%THC. 

Type III 

Type III genetics are CBD dominant with a very low profile of THC that provides little to no intoxicating effects.  These varieties are considered "HEMP" by federal law.        Type III hemp strains must contain below 0.3% delta-9 THC.  Try out our Mustard Berry, which is a USDA Hemp compliant strain that has tested at 23% CBD. 

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